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Review : Skull Candy Grind Wireless Headphones

The right headphones can be like soft fur on your ears, and Skull Candy Grind Wireless bluetooth headphones feel near perfect.

Firstly, the headphones are really light, but feel very sturdy. They rest comfortably over the head, and on the ears without feeling too tight. The sturdiness comes due to a strong metal strip acting as the central frame for the headphones. The headband section of frame is then covered by a soft cushioned padding that snugly covers the top of the head.

A more sturdy design also means that the headphones are not fold-able. I can imagine some audiophiles taking issue with this, specially when carrying the headphones in a bag, but I personally never found this to be an issue. Whenever I was out and about, I was wearing the headphones with a podcast running in the background. Carrying them in a bag is also not inconvenient at all, since the design is rather compact. I do wish that SkullCandy had included a case for the headphones though.

Since the headphones are wireless, it has most of the controls on the right ear cups. You have the option to sync via bluetooth, stop/pause or attend calls, volume rocker, fast forward/reverse, etc. If you want, you can even use the headphones in wired mode by plugging the included cable into the 3.5mm jack. There’s a USB post that allows for charging. They also have an inbuilt mic on the left ear cup, and it actually worked really well for taking calls. I had no complains whatsoever, and could hear others loud and clear. The callers also never complained about not being able to hear me well.

When it comes to music, the Grind Wireless provide a pleasing experience. Mids, highs and lows sound accurate enough, and bass is surprisingly strong. I would say that you should go for these headphones with tempered expectations, since they are bluetooth headphones, and at a fairly reasonable price. Any praises I throw at it should be considered with that perspective in mind.

I used these headphones extensively over the last few weeks, be it for running, or hour long journey to work daily. The headphones were loud enough to keep out any ambient noises, and that’s saying something, given the state of Delhi’s traffic. Also, the headphones were quite resilient to sweat and dirt that is sure to have gone in during my daily running and workout routine. There were never any connection issues or drops in audio quality. Having worn them for hours at a time, the headphones rarely felt uncomfortable, and never felt hot. With batteries that last approx.12 hours, I would charge them daily for about half hour and comfortably get through the day with them.

The overall design is minimalistic and very clean. There’s the SkullCandy logo on one side of the headphones, which is small and actually pretty tasteful. I appreciate them keeping the design so minimal, giving the headphones an overall classy look.

If you’re looking for a new pair of wireless bluetooth headphones, the SkullCandy Grind Wireless can be definitely worth your money. They look and sound great, with a really sturdy design. The only deal-breaker might be that they can’t be folded and do not come with a case. Though, with the metal frame going through the center, the Grind Wireless can surely take a few beatings without you having to worry about it.

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