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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn screenshots and Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2 enemy concept artworks

Over the past week, Kadokawa Games has posted several new screenshots of the newly announced Metal Max Xeno: Reborn to the series’ official Twitter account and official website gallery, as well as two enemy concept artworks for sequel Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is a full remake of the 2018-released Metal Max Xeno with a new game engine and revamped systems, as well as the return of battle dog Pochi. It will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch this winter in Japan. Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2 will follow for the seame platforms in 2020.

View the Metal Max Xeno: Reborn screenshots here and Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2 enemy concept artworks here.

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