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Battletech: Heavy Metal – Review

Battletech: Heavy Metal is the latest DLC content for Battletech, a mech focused strategy game with a lot of depth and a ton of strategic elements. Heavy Metal adds to the already dense game, with 7 new mechs, new weapons, and a small campaign story. The story is rather simplistic – you’re chasing after a derelict cargo ship that has been caught on the radar, and it’s a race to get to it first and uncover the secrets.

The new mechs and the weapon systems are the real draw here, and they are fantastic. New mechs have their own unique abilities, and it’s fun to play around with them. All of them offern new ways to approach every encounter, and it’s really enjoyable mixing them together with the different weapon systems. AOE weapons are also added with this DLC – the Mech Mortar is a devastating weapon that can destroy multiple enemy units in a go.

Overall the content this DLC offers is really great, though a bit pricey. It’s finally up to you to decide if you find value here.


  • New mechs
  • New weapons
  • Great encounters
  • Good mini campaign


  • A bit pricey

Score – 8/10


Eight new ‘Mechs have been added to the world of BATTLETECH, including seven classic designs from the original board game along with a never-before-seen ‘Mech designed exclusively for this expansion. New methods of destruction await as eight devastating weapons systems are now available to wreak havoc like never before. Heavy Metal takes ‘Mech action to the next level with a brand new Flashpoint Mini-Campaign featuring two legendary characters from the famous mercenary group, Wolf’s Dragoons, and a mysterious derelict cargo ship.

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