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Nioh 2 – Review

I really enjoyed the first Nioh and love the Soulsborne series. I thought they really ramped up the difficulty until after getting past boss #3 I think. I swear that level scaled with your level even though it had a very low recommended level and made me dread things to come. Luckily, it became challenging but not overwhelmingly difficult once you passed that zone. While I haven’t finished the game (Some of the main missions are very long without dying), I can’t stop playing when I’m off work.


  • Fast, fluid combat
  • Tons of new mechanics that add depth
  • Excellent boss fights


  • A lot of iteration
  • Looks a bit bland

Score – 8.5/10

Great music, atmosphere, new skill changes, and story if you like that in these type of games. Giving a 10/10 for gameplay, sound, multiplayer and customization. The only thing that is kind of disappointing is the Yokai are the basically the same as the first game with a few additions.

So for those who claim it’s too hard, be patient and it gets better. The beginning is harder than the rest of the game. Like most games, you start as a weakling and later achieve god-like status.

Nioh 2 is very follow-up compared to its predecessor, which feels good and bad at the same time.

  • The story is still interesting, although having a silent protagonist can take away weight, although in return, the character editor is quite good
  • Regarding technical level, it is practically the same as the first installment, with a graphic section that does not displease but does not impress either and a 60 fps mode that is almost essential for this game.
  • Playable adds several mechanics such as the counter-Yokai that becomes vital to progress in the game or the Dark World, where the regeneration of Ki slows down and forces the player to better plan his movements.

For the rest, remain faithful to the first Nioh, ki pulses, abilities and progression with weapons, builds, loot, etc.

Once the game is finished, a greater difficulty is unlocked to get better equipment and more level. Thus being able to create the best build for your style of play. Remember that this is a very important mechanic in the Nioh postgame.

  • Finally we talk about the difficulty, I have seen other reviews in which the game is described as “incredibly difficult”, even more difficult than the first. Which is not true at all.
  • The difficulty itself is practically the same. The problem comes when the player ignores everything the game wants to teach and raise and only plays as he knows, in other words, as if he were playing Dark Souls. And Nioh is not a Dark Souls. That is the problem, although of course, it is easier to blame the game than to blame yourself and learn from mistakes.

In short, if you liked Nioh, this second installment is very similar. If you have never played, you can try it if you have an open mind and want the game to teach you, if not, do not come close.

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