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Control: Foundation DLC – Review

Control’s new DLC takes you to the depths of the Oldest House, straight down to it’s foundations, hence the name – Foundation. It takes place after the vents of the main game and requires that you finish the campaign to play this. You are now the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.


  • New abilities feel great
  • Excellent power fantasy
  • New areas looks impressive
  • Fleshes out an already great world


  • Can feel repetitive

Score – 7/10

In The Foundation, Jesse faces a new threat. The Astral Plane is leaking into the Oldest House. The mysterious Nail is broken, weakening the barriers between the Astral Plane and our reality. Jesse must travel deep into the caverns of the Foundation to repair the Nail and prevent the Bureau and the Oldest House from being consumed by the Astral Plane.

The Foundation itself is a large area, as big as any of the Sectors in the main game, with plenty of secrets to explore. Along with the continuation of the story of Control, The Foundation also features a new enemy type, the Hiss Sharpened, which attacks the player with melee swings. To broaden her supernatural arsenal Jesse has a new skill, Shape, specific to the Foundation area. Shape has two forms, Create and Fracture, and depending which path you take in the flow of the game, you can choose which form of the skill to get first.

There is a fair bit of repetition in the DLC, but for those who enjoyed the main game, and wanted more – this is definitely worth playing.

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