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Resident Evil 3 : Remake – Review

First of all I’ll point out that Resident Evil 3 remake is in a tough spot. When reading reviews remember that remake will be compared not only to Resident evil 3 original but also to Resident evil 2 remake. Those are two titan size shoes to fill, so don’t be so hard on it.

Score – 8/10

In short;
Is it a good game? Yes
Is it a good remake? No

If you want to know specifically what’s wrong with this game, keep reading.

I will not complain about action since we have to remember the original RE3 nemesis began with Jill jumping out of an explosion with an M16 and the dodge mechanic was also in the original. So yeah action has always been a part of RE3.

Here is a list of everything wrong with this game.

  • Cut content:
    There are lots of removed locations and nearly ALL puzzles from the original that were replaced by nothing, just removed and added nothing in their place. Removing content has a bigger consequence then just enraging the fans.
    Everything was put there for a reason in the first place, for example, the lockpick in this remake makes absolutely no sense. In the original the lockpick had a function other than it’s utility to open doors, it was there to take away one slot from your inventory so most of us would simply leave it in the item box which would be a problem when we ran into a locked door forcing us to keep going back to safe rooms hence doing backtracking. In this remake this doesn’t work because when you have all pouches you have twice the amount of slots than the original so you’ll never need space.
    Also since there are so many removed puzzles and key items, your inventory is never full so you never have the need to go looking for an item box….Hell there is even an achievement that consist in finishing the game without opening the item box…why do this?
  • So you loved the return of the ink ribbon in RE2 hardcore difficulty?…Yeah RE3 was like “lol no” and they removed it.
  • They removed the Grenade/knife button. If the game is more action focused, why remove a button that makes combat faster? to me it is a contradiction, instead of having a grenade button you have to open inventory to equip every time you want to use one(same with knife). Of course this can be fixed by assigning it to a shortcut but you only get 4 so you’ll be wasting one on your knife and another on a throwable.
  • Pacing is really fast. Don’t get me wrong, the original also had a very fast pace, you would get shotgun in the first 10 minutes and magnum or G launcher very soon after that, in this game too. You get guns really fast which is not that bad because strong enemies start appearing really early in the game. My problem is, I’m not even 10 minutes in the game and I already have upgrade attachments for my guns, geez let me at least play around with them a bit before upgrading them.
  • Same can be said about the story you meet your companion very early unlike the original which had you explore the city before meeting the fist survivor, this gave the feeling that the city was destroyed and empty, you never get this feeling of loneliness in this game, you see some NPC citizens running in panic but they are not enough to make it look like a chaotic city and at the same time they are too many to make you feel alone and abandoned, so it ends up somewhere in the middle which is not good.
  • The city is too small. This is a big deal, somehow they managed to make raccoon city streets smaller than the original, the first part of the game before clock tower is honestly only like 4 streets and each street has 2 or 3 locations to explore. That’s it…which is bad and in my next point I explain why.
  • They dropped the ball on NEMESIS!!!! Such a waste of potential. In the original RE3 nemesis was this harassing presence that appeared whenever you least expected it, kept you always worried about when it was going to show up.
    Sadly back then they had hardware limits so all the nemesis encounters were scripted. Twenty years later RE2 releases and gives us Mr. X, the character that made everyone’s experience different stalking you non stop regardless the difficulty you played, he was a true harasser it seems like it was what they always wanted nemesis to be. So you would assume the NEW NEMESIS will have this chasing mechanics implemented in RE3 remake right???? WROOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of Nemesis encounters are scripted. Why? I don’t know.
    It’s not only that, in the original RE3 Nemesis was way more imposing, by the time you got to clock tower you’ve had fought him 5 or 6 times, you knew how strong he was and why you should fear him by then, but in the remake you’ve seen him only 3 times of which one is a mandatory fight and the other two are scenes where you don’t even have to fight him but run away, which I must add running away from him is a thrill but in my previous point like I mentioned city is too small for him, you’ll run away from him a block or two and chase is over.
    This is the part of the game that really hurts to see how poorly it was handled, you had the potential , you had open streets and the Mr X mechanics, could have been the perfect playground for Nemesis… and you blew it Capcom…

It’s still a great game though. I would recommend it, just remember you are comparing it to some of the best titles in the franchise, it doesn’t live up to expectations like RE2 did but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, not being better than the best doesn’t make you the worst you know.

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