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The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor – Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is the latest expansion for the ever-popular MMO, and while it tugs at your nostalgia by taking you back to Skyrim, it doesn’t go all the way. Let me explain..

I have been playing ESO since launch on PS4 through Summerset, then upgraded to PC and started all over for Elswyer. I have had moments of great enjoyment in that time, and many disappointments.

However, Greymoor has been really fun to play as an MMO, but it does very little with the lore and history of Skytim.. Outside of Blackreach, which has a great design/atmosphere, this “expansion/chapter” is really hit or miss for me.

Apart from some of the performance issues that have been a plague for a long time, ESO has grown meaningfully in many ways. PVP is mostly ignored, but the combat and exploration is still fun. Visually the game is starting to show it’s age, but still manages to impress at various points.

Solitude and its surrounding area are pretty small. The main “claim to fame” is Blackreach. It’s a fairly large underground cave system, but I feel like they should have done it the other way around. A large overland section and a smaller underground section. Not many people will say caves are their favourite part of any game. It reminds me a lot of Dawnguard, where you spent a lot of the game in narrow caves.
I found the two zones nice to look at and walk around in, the main story is still the weakest aspect of the chapter (It always is, in my opinion), but the side-quests were not too bad. A lot of old characters make appearances, such as Narsis Dres, and those two Dark Elf twins. I forget their names.

The other major update with this pack is the addition of antiquities. I’m really disappointed in this system. You basically have to farm lock boxes, thieve’s troves and crafting nodes to hope that you get a lead that will allow you to go hunt for that item. The levelling process for this skill is unbearably boring. You just go to Arteum and dig up the same 2 items over and over again, upwards of 30 times a level so that you can go dig up some more stuff. Not very fun.

People are saying it’s the worst expansion by far. I guess that’s subjective. I’d say in terms of interesting things and annoying aspects, it’s on par with other ESO chapters in my opinion.

Get it while it’s on sale if you’re unsure, you won’t be missing up either way.


Return to Skyrim
Improvements to the Vampire skill
Good storytelling
Some excellent zones to explore


Antiques are dull
Performance issues

Score – 7/10

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