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343 revives the Halo Franchise – First Look Video

Halo 4

Bungie the developers of the first three Halo games and other side Halo titles (like ODST) had pretty good run but they had announced that Halo 3 will be their last title and they hung their gloves after that and moved on to other projects.

343 has released a video that they will be carrying forward the Halo franchise forward with Halo 4.

For the first time ever, see Halo 4 in action as we take you behind the scenes with the developers at 343 Industries. Enjoy your first in-game look at the Master Chief, the updated Battle Rifle, and the exciting multiplayer spaces coming your way holiday 2012.


Halo has a magical feel to it, which is unlike any other game” says 343i’s Creative Director Josh Holmes, obviously confident that they have stamped their own authority on the Halo franchise since taking over development from Bungie. 343 Industries are keen to preserve the legacy that the Halo franchise has already set, while trying to build and making the game bigger and better for fans. Holmes makes a bold statement, which is sure to excite gaming fans, “one of the things we wanted to do, was really introduce a threat that is beyond anything that Master Chief has faced before“.

I am sure PC fans who got to play the first two version of the game wish Halo 4 wasn’t just a XBOX exclusive Title.