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first look at the HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and new Sense Experience

htc logoHTC on their London Press Conference released the much expected, rumored phones the HTC Desire Z and the Desire HD and also an upgrade to the New sense UI. Heres a full on Specs comparison video n much more….


Now after this video u all might be wondering “Awsome!!! so which one do i get for me?”

so here are the specs

HTC Desire vs HTC Desire HD HTC Desire Z

The goods

  • Now dont let the 800Mhz Cpu in the Desire Z fool you… Benchmarks test have Proven it to be better and Faster than HTC Nexus one….
  • The minimum ram in all the three phone is now atleast 512MB.
  • With the new sense ui coming the phones are going to be fater, greater better and more features and most of all lower battery consumption
  • HTC Desire HD is not just a Bigger Desire, along with a upgraded ram the phone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8255 1 GHz processor where the original desire has a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1 GHz processor.
  • HTC Desire includes a much awaited HTC phone with a full physical qwerty Keyboard, making it the 2nd qwerty phone of all HTC android line.
  • All have the latest Android 2.2 and shoot 720P video

The Bads

  • Even though the new OS upgrade better battery life but there is actually a decrease in the physical battery i.e. where the Desire has a Li-Ion 1400 mAh Standard battery, Desire HD has 1230 mAh Standard battery and the desire Z has a 1300mAh Standard battery. Now this a big minus point as these super power phones need super battery too.
  • The HTC Desire HD does not have a HDMI output nor a kick stand for comfortable video like its american brother EVO. Hence its call the  Desire HD and not a EVO 3G
  • Though the phones are available for pre-order in the UK there is still no news about its launch in india

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