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89% iPhone users will Stay with Apple but a Opposite story with RIM and Nokia

But it the easy & classy user interface or a state of the art innovative Hardware and design Apple Provides a holistic user Experience in all their products which evident from the fact that 89% of the Apple iPhone user will stick with Apple in the future when it comes time to purchase their next mobile device, according to a recent survey conducted by UBS Investment Research.


This is far higher than the retention rate for the second most popular handset maker, which was HTC. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has managed to encourage 39% of its current customers to stick with them for their next device.The manufacturers with the lowest levels of customer loyalty were Nokia and soon-to-be Google subsidiary Motorola. Faring perhaps the worst in the survey, however, was Research in Motion, whose Blackberry devices appear to be losing long term popularity with consumers. In all, 33% of Blackberry owners plan on upgrading to a new RIM device. This represents a huge drop from 62% only 18 months ago.

The Next Apple press event is expected to be on 4th October 2011 where iPhone 5 and iOS 5 are expected to be released which will further reduce the market share of RIM and Nokia while Android improves and innovates it user interface other manufacturers are expected to gain in the near future.

What side are you on?