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Activision Struggling to control Modern Warfare Cheaters

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Do you wonder why consoles have started getting exclusive games that don’t come on PC no more ?

With on interview with EuroGamer Activision has admitted that while the console version of the game remains cheat free, they are still struggling to to control the cheaters in the PC Community.

Heller has also revealed that the company only ban players when it is completely necessary and that they don’t want to use ‘too heavy a hand’ when it comes to dealing with cheaters.


As being a gamer myself I know when you are beginner in the online multiplayer gaming the Pro’s won’t forgive you when you are running around trying to shoot someone or crouching behind a cover a little glimpse is all it’s gonna take them to take you out. Then comes these players with Aimbots and wall hacks, these are very irritating, and what’s the fun in playing when you are not playing?

I believe that either ban these player from the multiplayer server or suspend their accounts for like a month or two, and even if you don’t want to stop any one from playing at least find a way to stop these cheats.