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Aircel and Airtel Launching iPhone 4 in India on 27th May

Aircel Airtel iPhone 4

The Much awaited almost an year old unicorn of the mobile Industry, The iPhone 4 will be Officially be Coming to India on 27th May 2011.  But wait isn’t the iPhone 4 very late to come in India and isn’t the next Generation iPhone 4S/5 just a few Months away? Yes, it’s all true and like every other Apple Products iPhone too is a Timeless product that doesn’t get outdated very easily.

iPhone is the Only Apple Products now left that isn’t on time as even the iPad 2 and the new line of Mac have reached India.

We suppose there will be no iPhone 4 from Vodafone and if you see the what Data and call Rates they offer for the Higher end phones (iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry) you are better off not using Vodafone on any of these Devices

Both Airtel and Aircel still haven’t given what the price of these devices will be but we are estimating it to be above at least 34,000INR (pretty High for a year old phone) and also still there is no confirmation if we will get the white iPhone 4 or just the Black one but we are expecting to see them both.

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