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Aircel Showcase their New 3G service Ad on THE iPhone 4

Aircel may not be the best Service provider in the Country, nor has the widest coverage and definitely doesn’t have a very remarkable customer care service but they sure do spent lot of money on their Commercial.  In their recent Dhoni (Captain of the India Cricket team) Commercial they show how fast their 3G speed is in finding a image on Google.  If I hadn’t used Aircel before Would have wondered why didn’t they show loading a HQ youtube video,  But then that would be going to far.

But the thing is that this post is not about Dhoni nor Aircel’s new 3G technology, the real star of the commercial was the iPhone 4. Can this be true? will Aircel be launching the iPhone 4 in India with its 3G service, Like other Airtel showcases its 3G on the Nokia N8 will Aircel show off on THE iPhone.


I am willing to forgive Aircel for their BAD network, their flawed billing system, for using old outdated technology that doesnt support MMS atleast on the iPhone if they LAunch the iPhone 4 . Maybe 3G will work on iPhone sold by Aircel Only and no other iPhone. As I recently got a MSG from Aircel that my iPhone 4 is not a Compatible for Aircel’s 3G technology (Maybe CDMA).

A MSG  from Aircel Saying 3G will not work in iPhone
A MSG from Aircel Saying 3G will not work in iPhone

I am Still not sure what Conclusion to Draw from this ad, but one thing i am sure of that I am never Getting Aircel again.

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