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Akash 2 Tablet to Cost same as the First one


The First Akash tablet was turned down by everyone and though it is the Cheapest Tablet in the world, it still failed to impress as compromise in performance and quality was greater than the reduced price incentive (not Saying it didn’t sell any, just saying it was not really worth it).

Akash 2 Tablet is an upgrades to the Previous one, It will have double the computing power and a better display.

Sibal said Datawind – the manufacturer of the product – will not be associated with it anymore and the government has roped in C-DAC and ITI for further development of the tablet computer.

”There have been some problems with Datawind I must confess. Therefore, I have got into the act. IT ministry has got C-DAC and ITI into the act and I am going to ensure that this product is fully indigenous and truly an Indian product,” he said.

On whether the new tablet will be available within the same price range as that of the earlier product, he said, “Yes that’s what we hope. It is to be upgraded.”

“I think it’s a great thing if there is competition. Ultimately my objective is to get a quality product in the hands of the children. I have set the benchmark, it has changed the mindset of the world, I can tell you that,” the minister said.


I just hope there is somebody out there thinking less about Profit and More about the greater good.