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Akash Tablets FAILs the First round of Feild Test – IIT rejects it Too

Akash/ UbiSoft Tablet

The World’s Cheapest Tablet launched in the month of October of 2011 has failed to impress the human resource development (HRD), communications and information technology minister, Kapil Sibal and the irony is He’s the guy who launched it and is the brand ambassador.

The HRD Ministry has been conducting Trials for this Product all over the country with over 10,000 devices in the hands of the students. The Trials Concluded that the Akash Tablet was found to be wanting in processor speed, the quality of its touch screen and battery life, among other issues. People involved in the trials said the tablet heated up quickly and was found to be inadequate in performing basic computing functions such as uploading and downloading of data and videos, browsing, among others.

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