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AMD joins hands with Nokia and Intel to boost Meego

amdNOT WANTING to be left out in the cold, AMD has signed up to help the Linux based operating system Meego get off the ground.

Originally announced as a joint collaboration between Nokia and Intel, Meego has gained support from AMD, which has said it will join The Linux Foundation’s Meego project to provide engineering expertise. It hopes that joining the consortium will help set the technical foundations for Meego.

Meego has been relatively slow in getting off the ground, not helped by Nokia’s insistence on continuing to support the dilapidated Symbian operating system. But AMD sees a far brighter future for the Meego operating system. Ben Bar-Haim, corporate VP of software development at AMD said, “We are glad to provide engineering resources to joint industry efforts like Meego and expect that this operating system will help drive our embedded plans and create expanded market opportunities for our forthcoming accelerated processing units [APUs].”

That statement is likely to mean AMD that will be able to boast significant Meego support for its Fusion APU when it comes to marketing the processor to OEMs. Getting software support will be vital for AMD if it wants to have any chance of success with its Fusion APU in the competitive market of embedded processors.

AMD’s hookup with the Meego project will see it work alongside Intel to develop a product that will eventually be used by both firms in competition against each other. However, the decision is a pragmatic one, and that will see AMD have support for a credible operating system when it starts to market its Fusion APUs to OEMs