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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich leaks for Motorola Droid Razr (How to install Guide)

The official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the newly launched Motorla Droid Razr GSM version has been leaked. One thing this leaked version definitely tells us is that Motorola is planning to give out the official upgrade very soon and it’s time they did that as there haven’t been many Android upgrades to many of their pervious handsets and many of them are still below Android 2.3.

The one thing we were hoping was not to see to much of motoblur over the ICS UI and Motorola hasn’t disappointed anyone here as well though some traces are visible which is acceptable. For example the Lock screen unlocks  a little differently from of the Stock UI and the icons are same as the Previous Motorola ones.

Android 4.0 is said to be one of the most differentiable update for Android as not it brings the Tablets and Mobiles to similar experience  it has taken the user interface to a whole new level as compared to the Previous upgrades.

Motorola Droid Razr Android 4.0Motorola Droid Razr Android 4.0Motorola Droid Razr Android 4.0

For Installing the Leaked version your Droid Razr should be rooted.

Steps to root your Droid Razr (Windows PC)

Step 1: If you havent done so already, first download and install the Motorola Drivers for you Windows computer: 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 2: Download and extract this file to your desktop.

Step 3: From your RAZR’s app drawer, goto Settings > Applications > Development and enable USB Debugging.

Step 4: Connect your RAZR via USB cable to your PC and select Charge Only from the notification menu.

Step 5: Goto the folder where you downloaded and extracted the folder and files onto your desktop in step 2

Step 6: Click on to runme.bat file and wait for it to finish its process, you will know its done when your phone reboots.

Mac and Linux Users visit this site.

Disclaimer: Neither Techgoggles or I will not be responsible if you happen to brick your device during this root process. Please proceed at your own risk.

How to Install Android 4.0 ICS on Droid Razr

1. Download the file
FIXED: http://dlhg.eternity…

2. place it on the root of your external SDCard or in a folder you remember

3. Go into Motorola’s Recovery

4. Install .zip from SD card

Making it to be fast & stabler:
Settings -> Developer Options -> Force GPU Rendering
Enable it

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