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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Launched @ Google I/O – Project Butter and other new Features

Android 4.1 Jelly bean Statue
Google is launched the next upgraded to their Android Platform they call Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the Google I/O event at Moscone West in San Francisco.

The Jelly Bean upgrade was just a rumor and it was very much expected to be out yet as less than 4% of the Android phones have Ice Cream Sandwich running on them, it was thought to Android 5.0. The reason it’s not 5.0 but 4.1 is that it isn’t a major change in ther operating System’s features and UI but a upgraded to the features of the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Like 2.3 Gingerbread version was to the 2.2 Foryo version.

Let’s look at the features Google has announced for the Jelly Bean update-

  • Project Butter – As the name Indicates the 4.1 update will give the phone butter smooth performance, Google has implemented this by increasing the framerate to 60 – 150 FPS which has been made possible by a new feature called vsync and triple buffering. The developers will have the access to a new tool called systrace in the Jelly Bean SDK that displays what the rendering engine is up to.
    Google Showed the Difference on two Galaxy Nexus Phone with one running 4.0 other running 4.1 and the difference was remarkable.
  • Text Input – The Keyboard now has a improved Text Prediction dictionary that will only predict the word you are typing but also the next word. Another welcome addition is the offline Text input, you can now dictate text to your phone without an Internet Connection so gone will be the day when you needed a fast connection to use that feature as Google has built that into the phone.
  • Gestures – Gesture Mode allows blind users to navigate their devices with gestures, and support for external braille devices has been added as well. Other User Interface gestures include, you can swipe sideways to view the gallery and slide the image to delete it (like in WP phones).
  • Camera – As the Ice Cream Sandwich users might be aware of the quickness of the camera’s picture taking Capabilities, Jelly Bean improves up on that and compliments it with the new Film Strip like Quick View form.
  • Notifications – Notification Drawer no gives more detailed information than before, RSS feed , checkins , Google+ notification are easily viewable, you can use the Pinch outward gesture on the Screen to view more about the app and notification without actually opening the actual App.
  • Google Search – After the Launch of Apple’s Siri which was followed by many third party Apps and Samsung’s and LG’s own version of Siri, it was expected that Google will launch something similar for Android as well. The improved voive command allows you to have conversations with your phone and the Information is displayed in the form of elgent white cards that display information using the Knowledge Graph. When you Swipe left the cards you will be taken to the normal search list.
  • Google Now – Is a new service that will use your Search History, Calender item and other every information Google has about you to give you a better and more informed Search result. For Example you search for Cricket scores, and you are fan of India so it will use the information it has to provide you the score of India, with who’s batting and who’s bowling, run rate etc, you get the point. Right?


Google has announced that all their devices will start getting the update for Mid July while the SDK for the developers is out right now on the Developer site. Like we Said before, there is now news on when will the current Android phones will be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and Google has moved on to 4.1 so while the Nexus phones and tablets will get the updates by July-August other divices should start getting the update by the year end that is at least December.

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