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Android is more vulnerable to attacks than iOS – Symantec report

iPhone Android Virus

Symantec the largest maker security software in the world have Concluded that both Android and iOS are vulnerable to Malware attacks, they were comparing the devices to compare which is the safest device to give their employees. Though iOS won in defending more traditional malware threats than Android, both showed a more modest advantage in terms of data loss, data integrity, and service attacks, the two platforms proved equally adept at preventing web-based attacks — and equally powerless to catch socially engineered ones. And when it came to implementing certain security measures, such as permissions-based controls, Android pulled ahead.

Symantec explained that Apple’s strict app approving process in the app store explains the lead of iOS over Android which not as safe as compared to closed based operating systems. They also added that Jailbreaking iOS devices makes them unsafe and more vulnarable as it disables security and increases the chances data theft from the iDevice.