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Android the Leading OS, but Apple top smartphone Manufacturer in the US


According to report by Nielsen Android is the leading OS for smartphones in the US 39% share followed by iOS with 28% and RIM 20% share in the market. Trailing the three top platforms, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 combined grabbed 9 percent of the market, leaving HP‘s Palm/WebOS with 2 percent, and Nokia‘s Symbian also with 2 percent, Nielsen said.

Apple is the only company that makes the hardware, OS and whole ecosystem that has such a big share is the Market RIM on the other hand is very far in the race. Apple iOS may not be top most OS but in terms of hardware and Apple iPhone is indeed on the top with with 28% share.

RIM has the second spot with 20% share which is declining fast followed by Android Manufacturers fragmented, HTC with 14 percent of Android customers and 6 percent of users running Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7. Motorola holds 11 percent of the Android market, while Samsung claims 8 percent of Android customers and 2 percent of those using Microsoft’s mobile OS.

If you are wondering Where is India’s number one cell phone maker in the US will it’s at the bottom with only 2% of the market and that to also declining rapidly.