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Angry Brides Game to Create Dowry Awareness

Angry BridesAngry BridesAngry Brides

In an effort the create awareness against the malpractice of taking/ Giving Dowry in Marriages, a Marriage Match Making Website has developed a Facebook game called Angry Brides.

Angry Brides is a short game where you are the bride that throws various weapons at the grooms asking for Dowry. Your arsenal includes range of weapons from footwear to eggs, tomatoes and brooms to kitchen utensils. Every time you hit a groom the price of the groom falls and that amount is added to Anti Dowry Fund.

According to Ram Bhamidi, senior vice president and head of online marketing for, more than 270,000 people have liked the app since the game was launched.

Cheat Code/Hint/ Only Way to Win Angry Brides : Chose any weapon, Aim at any one Groom and just keep pressing the lift click button rapidly.

Vist or Click here to play the game

Angry Brides