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Anonymous Takes Down America’s Department of Justice Website & Universal Music

An Anonymous group that goes by the name of Anonymous is on a Revenge streak with the Authorities for taking down The Department of Justice site has been reported to be slow and was down 15 minutes after the news came Megauplaod has been taken down and ever since it has been up and down ever since, pointing to a potential DDoS attack of some sort.

By following the Twitter hashtag #OpPayBack, you can watch the chatter about the Anonymous attack on both the DOJ site and Univeral Music’s site, calling the operation a “success”.
The website attacks stem from the FBI indictments of seven people associated with Megaupload, which is being accused of numerous counts of copyright infringement. So far, four people have been arrested, including its founder Kim Dotcom.

One of the official Anonymous accounts on Twitter has indeed accepted responsibility for the attack on both the DOJ and Universal Music websites. Anonymous has also taken responsibility for taking down the MPAA and RIAA sites as well.

Anonymous Twitter PostAnonymous Twitter Post