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App Developers no longer see Blackberry Profitable- Hence Dumping it


RIM the blackberry Maker is Struggling to compete with the Giants Apple, Google Android and now the upcoming Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft, RIM saw its global share of smartphones fall to just 12.9 in the first quarter of this year versus sales that gave the company a 19.7 share in the same quarter one year previous. Consumers have opted for Apple’s iPhone, as the company experienced robust sales in the past year with its iPhone 4 around the world.

But Why are the Developers no longer want to develop for Blackberry

  • Cost vs Profit feasibility

The developers have also realized that the cost and time spend in developing Apps and softwares for Blackberry  is more than the earnings generated by them and hence see other Applications ecosystem more rewarding. Seesmic Inc., which develops social media applications and has produced apps for Miami Dolphins and Taylor Swift fans has stopped making products for RIM, and thus the Blackberry smartphone. Also defecting RIM is Purple Forge Corp., the company that produces apps for political campaigns and polling – a surprising move considering the U.S. is approaching a U.S. Presidential election that’s quickly getting into full swing which promises to focus on social media and mobile personal communication technology. “You have to put your resources where the growth is,” said Seesmic Chief Executive officer Loic Le Meur in an interview with Bloomberg. “It’s coming down to the explosive growth of the iPhone and Android operating systems.”

Just last week RIM slashed forecasts for the current fiscal quarter after a dismal second quarter. The announcement punished the company’s Canadian and U.S. stock shares, sending them down as much as 15 percent. RIM is trying to quickly and develop new Blackberry products to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s powerful Android system, which controls more than 30 percent of the U.S. market and growing, fast, but the company said the products may not reach the marketplace until late August of this year.

Analysts had previously pegged RIM’s smartphone product sales at 14 million or more for the current quarter but forecasts were re-adjusted to the range of 11 million to 12.5 million units.

  • Failure to Impress at Launch

The Recently Launched Blackberry Devices like the Playbook that was so late to the party that the potential buyers had already got the iPad and then it lack basic functionality that blackberry devices are famous for like Email, calender  and organizer functions. To use these Features you will also need a blackberry phone. The Battery life of the Playbook is bad, it lasts at the best 4hours when the iPad1 lasts 10Hours with extensive usage. The Tablet like a very expensive accessory to the Blackberry phone who’s only app support is the Android Market that it can barely support.

The Other fail product was the Blackberry Torch, a total disappointment. Expensive phone competing with Dual Cores, qHD,  Super Amoleds and Retina Displays and what does it bring to the table a slow processor with poor resolution and a Expensive Price Tag.

  • Less and Declining  Market Share

In the first three months of 2011 Google’s Android OS smartphone system gained 7 points of marketshare in the U.S. In the same period RIM’s marketshare dropped by 5 points. Despite still holding onto more than 25 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, the growth trend for Apple and Google versus RIM’s shrinkage factor is leading developers to stop making products for the company.

  • Difficult To built as Different Functions in Different Models

Developers say the Blackberry is difficult to make products for because RIM devices come in different shapes and sizes and navigation is more difficult, using different devices, making product a development a difficult task.

“As soon as RIM brought in a touchscreen and mixed it with a thumbwheel, a keyboard and shortcut keys, it made it really difficult and expensive to develop across devices,” said Purple Force CEO Brian Hurley, in an interview with Bloomberg. “What Apple scored big on is having a touch screen and a button and that’s it.”

  • Apple and Google Phones always in the LimeLight

That’s a problem since Apple and Google are taking the technology headlines lately with speculation over the release of its forthcoming iPhone 5 likely to be out by mid-September and Dual core and 3D Android Phones. Apple is expected to take a big leap with the iPhone 5, providing a bigger screen, more operating power and metal casing among other advancements.

The Only Reason blackberry is still selling out there is for the brand name it developed over the years and has a image of being professional looking, there are a few other reasons like the email app and the messenger app. But this was all cool in the past now the user wants more out the phone as there is a new mantra ‘If I pay more I want More’  but RIM hasn’t been able to evolve with the changing market.