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Apple and Google both sued for tracking user’s Location

Apple n  Google Tracking User LocationAnother case of invasion of privacy by the so called TOP electronic manufacturers, this time it’s Apple the company that manufacturers the OS and the Hardware itself and the other one is Google that makes the open source operating  system and depends on OEM for the hardware.  Both the companies have Accused of secretly tracking users through iPhone (by Apple) Android Phones (By Goggle) without the User’s permission.

Apple’s Take on Location Tracking : “Apple does’nt but Google does” – Steve Jobs

Expert’s believe that Apple or your iPhone 4 has been tracking where ever you have been going with it since it release  last year.

Still on sick leave, Steve Jobs broke Apple’s silence not to the press, but to a concerned Apple customer who wrote Jobs an email. The email came from a MacRumors reader who asked Jobs if he could explain why Apple felt it was necessary to have a tool embedded inside his iPhone that passively tracked him. He said having his exact location recorded at all times was “kind of unnerving,” and asked Jobs to “shed some light” on the issue before he switched on over to the Droid-side, since “they don’t track me.”

Jobs responded shortly with a “Oh yes they do.” Jobs then went on to say that Apple doesn’t track anyone and that “the info circulating around is false.”

Apple spokes person has also come out and Said the this is a just small software issue and will be fixed in the future updates.  so what Steve Jobs said is that we are not tracking you but google does this.

This reminds very much of what happened during the Anttennagate when Apple indirectly claimed that they are not the only one doing a wrong deed there are other to.

Google’s Take on Location Tracking

The two residents of Oakland County in Michigan said in a complaint filed April 27 in federal court in Detroit that their HTC Inspire 4G phones, which use Google’s Android Operating System, track their whereabouts “just as if by a tracking device for which a court-ordered warrant would ordinarily be required.”

The plaintiffs seek to represent other Android phone users in a class-action lawsuit, as well as at least $50 million in damages and a court order requiring Google to stop tracking its products’ users.

A spokesman for Mountain View, California based Google; Chris Gaither refused to comment specifically on the lawsuit, but was stated that: “We provide users with notice and control over the collection, sharing and use of location data” adding, “Any location data that is send back to Google location servers is anonymized and is not tied or traceable to a specific user”. Clearly this was with the intent of putting the minds of other Android users at rest.

Do you still trust them with all your personal Information?

Well either you can hope that they don’t misuse your trust and your personal Data or you can stop using phones, E-mails, Google, facebook, etc etc or be careful what you share with these people. As the astrologers have predicted and as the holy books say this the time time of  KALYUG no body can be trusted.