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Apple and Samsung Working Water Proof Smartphone Technology

iPhone in WaterA company named Liquipel had developed a technology the can water proof any of your digital device for 59USD. They have some kind of repellent formula that prevents the water from pouring in. See their Product in Action in the Video below.

There is another firm called HzO that as a developed an identical product, which they call waterblock. Unlike Liquipel who is offering their service/ product for 59USD HzO has also approached Apple to share the technology with them (and make the millions in the process). Pocket-lint reports, the Korean company’s chairman apparently “couldn’t believe his eyes,” after the pitch, leaving HzO reps confident of WaterBlock implementation sometime in the near future.

Have you insured your smartphone? Insurance covers the are warranty doesn’t, that is all accident’s that were the user fault, for example dropping it in water or breaking it and even theft. You could take it to the service center to service center but by then your warranty is void and sometimes these service center guy can hand you a bill that will be more than what you have to pay if get a 2nd hand device. Stuff like Waterblock and Liquipel will come in handy when insurance in your region is pretty expensive or you are a very water loving person.