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Apple India press Briefing on November 26 – could it be?

Apple LOGOApple launched lot of products this year and only a few Officially hit the Indian shores.  Apple just added the Mac Book Air on their website so we know it’s not that…. maybe. So what could it be? Could it be the iPad, or the iPhone, Airtel did promise us an iPhone 4 before Diwali (which they didn’t), also we heard rumors that Tata and Reliance Communication were in talks with Apple about a CDMA iphone, and we did see the leaked images of a white Verizon iPhone 4 and since Verizon is CDMA so we are assuming so is that phone also CDMA.

Now if they launch the iPhone 4 in India we don’t think that then it will just be the iPhone 4 then, it could be the iPad as well and if you don’t know already iPad is the product that changed the tablet market. There were tablets before this that ran windows OS and Netbooks and Laptops with touchscreens but iPad just revolutionized the market, actually this was the product that actually created a maket for tablets.  India is the fastest growing market for cell phones and I don’t think apple wants to miss out this opportunity to take a dip into the magic lake before it gets all crowded up.

Now there is a small possibility that apple may be here to talk about the incident that Parts of India are showing up in China in Maps application in the iPhone 4 and that the Indian Government is protesting against it. I don’t know what’s going to happen on that day but what i do know is that, that date has some bad memories for us Indians and whatever it is it better be good….

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