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Apple iPad 3/ 2S Coming March 7 – What to expect!?

iPad 3 Invite

It’s Official folks iPad 3 is coming and apple has planned the big event will be held in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10AM PST, March 7. But you already know that if you follow us on our Facebook page or Twitter or various other social networks on the left and on the bottom of this post.

So here is what you might don’t know about the new upcoming iPad 3.

  • Retina Display – Ok, you might have guessed this one, the iPad 3 is expected to have the Retina Display like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that have the highest resolution for their respective screen size and the HIGHEST PPI ratio Period. So the expected resolution is between 2048 x 1536 and 2560×1600. All in all the highest resolution on any device Period.
  • Quad Core CPU – Now we are not sure about this one if this will be present on this iPad, if it’s there then it will be called the iPad 3 and if it’s a Dual Core iOS tablet then it will be running on the overclocked Dual Core A5X processors and will be called the iPad 2S. Then probably iPhone 5 will be the first iOS device to get Quad Core followed by iPod touch this year.
  • Thickness – There are various rumors surrounding the thickness and weight of the device, some say Apple will make it thicker to support the Quad Core CPUs some say it will be thinnest iPad ever.
  • Siri – I can, you can bet on that the next iPad will definitely will have the Siri app even if it comes without Quad core and retina display.
  • Gesture Controls – These rumors came out when iPad 2 was about to be released that iPad will have various gesture controls like the Mac OSX, there are some jailbreak apps that kind of make it possible.
  • 8GB iPad 2 – When a new iPhone comes the old one gets a 100USD decrease in price and gets a 8GB version so maybe iPad 2  and iPad 1 will get a 8GB version as well.
  • Better Camera with 1080P Video Recording – If the iPhone 4S can do 1080P on a 8MP camera maybe iPad 2 will also get a better camera with 1080P video recording capabilities.
  • LTE 4G – Rumors say the next iPad will have 4G capabilities which may be another reason for it being thicker.

ipad2ipad3pixelsipad 3logic board A5X Chip


iPad 3 (Top) VS iPad 2 (Below) display
iPad 3 (Top) VS iPad 2 (Below) display

iPad 3 Video Review