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Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB relaunched in India for 19K but is it still worth buying?


Apple will soon be Launching the iPhone 3Gs 8GB in India and that to unlocked, for 19,000Rs Approx, The iPhone 3GS first came out in 2009 and in 2010 in India. iPhone 3GS got a price reduction in the US  when the iPhone 4 came out in June last year the same time iPhone 3Gs was launched in India for 30K, no wonder people rather buy a locked iPhone from the US than buy it overpriced and almost outdated in India. The iPhone 3Gs has a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, PowerVR SGX535 GPU a 3.15 MP camera and 256MB Ram. The phone is actually 2years old and with iPhone 5/4S coming in September the phone will be outdated and discontinued in rest of the World.

It seems like Apple has done it again, dumped the 2year old outdated phone in India, while rest of the world will be preparing for the iPhone 5/4S India will get at the time of iPhone 6.

So the Big Question, Is it worth it? or Should you buy the iPhone 3GS for 19K?

The Answer is –   you can do better in the same price range and until and unless you are die hard Apple or iOS fan  and you cannot afford an iPhone 4 then only then it is worth buying else the answer is ‘no’ , as soon this phone will be outdated so no point in buying the outdated phone at launch second there are better phones that you can get at the same price.