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Apple Launched overpriced Macbook Air – Still no iPhone 4

macbook airApple’s officially launched the new Macbook Air in its 11 and 13 inch versions. The computer was unveiled at last month’s Back To The Mac event. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air will be available through the Apple Authorized Resellers in India. The 1.4-GHz 11-inch MacBook Air with 2GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage starts at a price of Rs. 60,900 with a 128GB model for Rs. 72,900. The 1.86 GHz 13-inch MacBook Air with 2GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage starts at a price of Rs. 79,900 with a 256GB model will sell for Rs. 98,900. Configure-to-order options and accessories include faster processors, 4GB of memory, MacBook Air SuperDrive and a USB Ethernet Adapter. 

Apple Claimed that the new line of the Macbook Air will be the first affordable Macbooks (He meant Cheap) which seemed quite right when you compare it the other Macbooks in the US (not India). While the starting model in the  Macbook Air Line, in the US costs 999USD (45,000INR), it Costs 1329USD (60,900INR) in India. Overpriced ? Yes!!! Affordable? NO, at least for the majority.

There is still no News about the iPhone 4 India Launch, nor do we see any ray hope from Airtel or Vodafone to see an iPhone 4 any time soon. They are busy with the 3G network launch and the Mobile Number Portability probably coming this year. Now if you seen the new Airtel ads lately you will notice Nokia N8 in the end, now the truth is places where iPhone 4 is available there the in the Smartphone segment the N8 doesnt do well.

So when Does the iPhone 4 come to india? My guess is 2Months before the iPhone 5 launch…. So if you have been waiting for it to officially come to India, then DON’T wait waste time get it from where ever you can.