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Apple Patches Gevey SIM Unlock in iOS 5 Beta 2

ios 5Gevey SIM, was the device that actually after a long wait unlocked the iPhone 4, After the iOS 4.1 release apple had patched up all software unlock solutions out there and for months iPhone 4 users who bought the phones with iOS 4.1 or upgraded to 4.1 and needed an unlocked phone  couldn’t use it as a phone it was just expensive iPod Touch. Then came the Gevey Sim that could unlock any iPhone running on any iOS with any baseband till iOS 5 beta 1.

Apple has closed the interposer hole that Gevey Sim uses to unlock the iPhone and we mean All latest versions of Gevey Sim Have been blocked. All you iPhone 4 unlockers, DO NOT upgrade your iPhone till the the time there is new upgrade and for those looking to buy an iPhone from the US DO NOT buy from AT&T as they sell locked iPhones and Apple Directly sells it Unlocked.

Read “Unlock 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1 / 4.2.1 with Gevey SIM” find out more about the Gevey Sim