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Apple planning Faster releases in China, but still no love for INDIA

apple chinaApple has battled a thriving gray market in China over the last few years, and hopes that getting new products into customers’ hands more quickly will help to address the problem.
You’ll remember that the iPhone didn’t hit the Chinese market until 2009, a full two years after the U.S. launch. In that time, a hugely disruptive gray market emerged and continues to operate.

Since then, the delay between U.S. and China product releases has shortened. The iPad and iPhone 4 became available in China just six months after their respective U.S. release, and Apple intends to sell the MacBook Air in November, just about a month after hit shelves in America. Apple products are becoming more popular in China, despite that fact that they still represent a niche market (Apple holds just 5.9 precent of the Chinese smartphone market share, for example).

Apple really see China as a better market than India when China is actually India’s neighbor and Apple gets its products made in both the countries. Also recent events like parts of India showing up in china in the Google maps of iPhone 4 and India Government protesting against it which could have lead to a possible ban have added to the conspiracy.

I personally  don’t blame Apple or Steve Jobs when Indian do the same thing, for e.g. Motorola headed by an Indian bornand now the CEO Dr. Sanjay Jha,  does the same thing when ever a new phone comes its first launched in US then in Europe, after Europe it reaches Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, “CHINA” etc before it comes to India.