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Apple Refreshing the Macbook Air and Mac Pro with OSX Lion Release


If rumors are to be believed, Apple will be releasing its new range of MacBook Airs with the upcoming Lion OS X on July 14.

Previously, a July 19 release date was rumored, but now an early release is more likely. 9to5Mac reported that a new update to Pro Line will be released along with the MacBook Air refresh and Mac OS X 10.7.

Apple’s manufacturing partner, Quanta Computer, was previously readying a shipment in June of 380,000 upgraded MacBook Air models. Now there is a possibility that four new MacBook Airs will debut on Thursday. Two 11-inch and two 13-inch models are expected to be released.

The MacBook Air is expected to come with the new Sandy Bridge processor, and will also include Apple’s Thunderbolt I/O technology. The Air is also rumored to adopt the mSATA connector that will allow a flash drive to be inserted in the motherboard, which will take very little space. The Air’s memory is called “Toggle DDR 2.0,” which is built over a 19nm process. It can reach speeds of 400Mbps while using less power than previous drives. The next-generation MacBook Airs are expected to be much faster and more energy efficient.

The Mac Pro, however, is expected to get a redesign that will be narrower and can be mounted on a rack. The Thunderbolt I/O technology is also expected in the Pro. An enhanced 16-core model is also being rumored.

It is being Believed that there won’t be any upgrades to the  Macbook Pro lineup as the addition was made this February so Macbook Pro line up should remain the same.