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Apple rumored to be testing bigger iPads and iPhones: WSJ

Apple iPhone 5 India

The latest Apple rumor is that the company is testing the iPads and iPhones with bigger screens and has asked their Asian suppliers for 13inch iPad and a 5inch iPhone. While the news doesn’t suggest that this could convert in to a product for the consumers but it is evident that Apple is reevaluating some of it strategies due to heavy competition from Android manufacturers who all have their flag ship phones equal to/ bigger than 5inches.

Why a bigger iPad?

Its being believed that the 13inch iPad will be a laptop replacement like the original iPad series single handedly killed the netbooks. It is possible that Apple could take a windows 8 touch based laptop like route with the 2014 Macbook being a tablet laptop hybrid. As it won’t be easy for a even for 13inch iOS device to replace Laptops altogether as its itself a computer depended device. If the next iPad comes OSX or very similar functionality with computer based IO like USB ports for Finder like file management and Video Out port (HDMI) and all this in a entry level laptop price segment then its no denying it will will lead many to transition to the iPad.

What distinguishes Macbook or a PC laptop from a tablet like iPad is the ease of use of some simple tasks, like the file management system, installing third party apps from the internet and it eliminated the requirement of any other device for its functioning.

Why a Bigger iPhone?

Samsung has recently overtaken Apple with it’s Flag Ship Android devices with each being bigger than the last one, starting from the first Galaxy S which had a 3.7inch screen to the Galaxy S4 which has a 5inch screen. Hence it is evident the majority consumers are favoring the bigger screen sizes, and though iPhone 5 is the biggest iPhone with it’s 4inch screen its still one of the smallest among the high end smartphones out there.

It will be interesting to see what explanation Tim Cook comes out with if Apple launches a bigger iPhone, as Apple gave a very valid reason of not having a device bigger than 4inches (it fits in one hand easily, and can be used with one without the dependence on the 2nd and bigger the screen lesser the battery life).

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