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Apple Sued in India for Violating Competitive Law- Everything Explained Valid or Absurd

Apple India Sued

Apple iPhone 4 was launched just a month a ago in India and it got Sued for reasons that we believe are totally absurd and maybe an attempt to keep Apple out.

First Let us see what the Actual Complaint is…

iPhone and iPad maker Apple has come under the scanner of the Competition Commission of India for allegedly limiting the availability of its products to a few service providers using its dominant market position.

A customer has filed a complaint before the Commission under section 4 of the Competition Act 2002 that Apple is curbing the customer’s choice by limiting the availability of iPhones and iPads in India to a limited number of service providers, besides its signature stores.
An Apple official when contacted declined to comment . “The complainant has also alleged that a user can only download software from the i-store and the others are not recognised by the device ,” a senior CCI official told PTI.

Besides, Apple phones could only be serviced in Apple centres, which in turn charge high rates for servicing . The Commission is due to take up the matter for consideration by the end of this week, sources said. AGENCIES

First of all Apple Doesn’t sell iPads through any carrier but directly through retailers and resellers, iPhone 4 sold by Aircel, Airtel and some other retail partners are unlocked and contract free and it’s up to the user if he wants to sign for data plans or not. So where does the “Limiting the Availability” Happen?

The Second thing in the complaint iPhone Apps can be downloaded only from the “i-store”, the fact it is called an ‘App Store’ and all smartphones have exclusive Applications Markets to download, like Android has the Android Market, Nokia has the OVI Store, RIM has the App World, etc, so why only sue Apple? Sue all the smarthphone manufacturers in India and scare them away so the only thing that is left is bad quality Chinese phones selling through Indian joint ventures that don’t support 3rd Party Apps.

The last thing they mention is that you will need to service your iPhone at a Apple service center, the fact is that there aren’t any actual Apple Stores or Apple Service center in India and all the Servicing by done by third Party ‘Authorized Services Centers’. But don’t all  manufacturers have exclusive centers that can be expensive if you don’t have warranty and if they are talking about expensive, ever try your Sony Ericsson phone without warranty getting fixed at the official service center, I guess not because we don’t hear anyone suing Sony or even Nokia.

Today it is Apple tomorrow it can be any other tech brand as All these complaints can be applied to all, what do you people think?