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Apple to Announce something you will Never Forget – Guess “What?” (updated)

itunes update

Apple has promised us–by plastering it all over its home page–that “tomorrow is just another day” that we’ll “never forget,” thanks to an “exciting announcement from iTunes.” One of the top most expected thing is the iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone(s) and iPad.

For the iPad this update will bring many features including “Multitasking” and some other features like  connectivity options with the Apple TV, Wireless printing Etc. iPhone 3G user on the other hand are the ones who need this update the most as its expected to increase the performance of the phone with a good margin, as people including me believe that apple ruined the iPhone 3G with iOS 4 making the phone unusably slow.

Also one thing that is rumored a lot is the unlock for iOS 4.1 and 4.2 for all iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. The dev team have been reported saying that they will not release the update till iOS 4.2 is out as there is a possibility that is the release is it before it apple might Patch it and come with a newer baseband which could mean Starting From Scratch, Again!!!

Also what other updates we might see tomorrow include:

  • The 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, N.C. — nearly five times the size of Apple’s giant data center in Newark, Calif. — which COO Tim Cook has said is on track to open this year and could very well be ready to go this week.
  • Apple’s purchase last December of Lala’s streaming music service, which it shuttered five months later, presumably to replace it with a streaming version of iTunes.
  • The high-quality live web-streams of Steve Jobs’ last two performances, suggesting that Apple may have developed the capability of streaming video as well as audio.
  • The latest version of iCal, which replaces locally stored data with calendars stored on Apple’s servers.
  • The launch of the new MacBook Airs, which Jobs described as the shape of notebook computers to come. Their relatively small storage capacity (starting at 64 GB) suggests that in the future, Apple may expect users to store their files in the cloud, rather than on their hard drives.
  • The latest iteration of Apple TV, which replaces hard-drive storage with streaming video.


Apple has ruined all our hopes for an iOS update or something really we wont forget… Beatles are now available in iTunes, that is the big news… Ya, that’s all folks
itunes beatles
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