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Apple to launch iOS 6 today – list of expected Features

So it’s that time of the year again that is much awaited by Apple fans and Developers alike, Apple calls it WWDC the ‘World Wide Developer Conference’ it’s where Apple has changed the Smart Phone Segment with launch of iPhones,iPods, Macs, different versions of iOS, Mac OS X etc.

This year is expected to be no different, Apple is going to launch the 6th version of iOS operating System and probably New Macs running the latest 3rd Gen Intel Processors and Retina Dispay.

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List Expected Features in iOS 6

  • iMaps – Apple is expected to to ditch Google Maps and launch it’s one home brewed Maps Application.
  • Facebook Integration – iOS 6 is expected to offer deeper Integration with the world’s largest social networking site Facebook
  • More Colour Scheme Options – Macs and iPads have a silver-ish colour scheme while the Mobile version has a blue-ish colour scheme, probaly Apple will more color scheme options like (Blue for iPads and silver for Mobile).
  • Siri – Siri is expected to be launched for the new iPad and it’s rumored that Apple will release Siri APIs to developers for further integrations of Apps.
  • iCould– Though it has not been known what new changes will come to iCloud but the latest version of the iCloud beta version hints that it will be effected  in iOS 6