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AutoCorrect Mishap 2 Schools Shutdown in Georgia

Swype Android Gunna to Gunman TG

Gainesville Times reported that an unintended correction spread fears about a possible gunman and led to the lockdown of two Georgia schools. Police say that the text message, which was sent to the wrong phone number, was supposed to say “gunna be at west hall today” but was instead changed to “gunman be at west hall today.” The recipient then passed on the message to the police, who coordinated a lockdown at West Hall middle and high schools. The number was later traced back to a Student who had not noticed this mistake.

The platform/ OS of the device the kid used is still not known and we tried “gunna” on iOS, Android and (typing) swype and it either said Gonna or Gunnar, still better than gunman though but if you have used “gunman” in swype before than it will auto correct it gunna to gunman.

Have you had Auto correct change the meaning of the message you intended to say and what was it?