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Big Dual Core Phones under Rs. 6000

Big Dual Core under 6K

Here are 6 phones with Dual core processors and screen at least bigger than 4inches and under Rs. 6000.
The the low end segment is heating up with high speced smartphones as the Indian smartphone manufacturers have stepped up their game to compete with the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc.


All the phones in the list have at least a 4inch screen, while the Karbonn A7 Star and Spice Smart Flo have a 4.5inch screen. Even though these two devices have a bigger screen the resolution is still the same as the other ones. Technically the bigger device will stretch everything up but wont give you extra screen clarity or more screen space.


The more the Mega Pixel the better the camera is not always true, for example if you bring in and compare the 5MP iPhone 4 camera here there is no comparison, as the quality of lens, image sensor and the processing of the image also play a vital role. But in this case we don’t have many comparisons so we trust the one with most MPs in the front and at the back which is Karbonn A9 in this case.

Memory and RAM

In this case more means better, while more memory will give you more space for Apps that must require Internal memory and more RAM will let your Apps run smoothly. While almost all have at least 512MB of RAM, Lava Iris 405 – 2GB and Karbonn A9 – 3GB have the most amount of Internal Storage.


All of them have equally matched processors, where the difference 1.2GHz and 1GHz isn’t that much, but if u have to pick one the one most overclocked then  Lava Iris 402 and Karbonn A9 could be the ones to go with.

Operating System

Only the Lava Iris 402 is running the latest Android 4.2 while rest are either on 4.1 or 4.0 (ice cream sandwich), but if you look beyond the numbers there isn’t much difference between in the usability and the user interface of the device, nor are there any Android 4.1 or 4.2 specific Apps in the Google Play store that will make your device outdated. But in this price segment you can’t expect the manufacturer to release updates as even the big manufacturers (mentioned at the top) for get many devices, so some times its better to go with the latest version.


This is the most unrecognized feature of any mobile device but also the most important one as smartphone with a good processor will need a bigger battery life to support else it will just be a nice looking expensive paper weight. In most of our comparisons I have noticed that even though the Spice handset is not usually the one with the highest specs in the list its the one with the biggest battery and so is the case here to with the Spice Flo Mi450-1600mAh.


All the phones are evenly matched, have very similar specifications though among them Karbonn A9 has most number of points over rest of them. But in the end it comes down to which brand you prefer, and which design you find better looking.