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Bill Gates has Helped Saved over 5.8 Million lives

Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates has become well-known for his efforts in raising money and awarenessfor charities via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According to the below infographic, he has given $28 Billion to charity since 2007, which is 48% of his net-worth.

There is this guy one the Richest Guy in the World saving lives around the world and then there is guy from India, the former Richest guy in the world came at the Bottom of the list Charity Done by top 100 rich people in the world (Can’t name the guy, here in India you could get Sued for naming).

So which Millionaire do you think saved most lives? Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft or Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman owner and Inheritance of Wayne Enterprises?

Bill Gates Helped Save Lives