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Blackberry CEO INSULTS INDIA on BBC, says They(Indians) Envy our Success(video)

RIM CEO mike lazaridis Hates IndiansResearch In Motion (RIM) founder Mike Lazaridis ordered a BBC reporter to stop the interview after he was asked questions about his problems with India and Middle East countries which are seeking accessing to BlackBerry enterprise emails in view of national security issues.

Mike Lazaridis is a Turkish born Canadian who co-founded RIM in 1999, he was being interviewed by a BBC correspondent, during the interview when he was asked about the Security Issue raised by India and other Middle Eastern Asian countries first he said they have no security issues, but they are being Singled out because they are so successful, and then he said “THEY ARE just JEALOUS that we are so successful”.

For your information Lazaridis the terrorist in the Mumbai attack used your VERY SECURE blackberry services to KILL people. The terrorist used the blackberry messenger to communicate with their associates outside the Taj Hotel to be informed of what was happening outside and what/how the Indian govt.  is planning. The Indian Government never said you insecure, they said that you they couldn’t monitor the conversation of the terrorist because of the Blackberry devices they were using. What the Indian govt wants you to do is to setup your server in India so that the Indian Intelligence Agencies can monitor for any such suspicious activity and prevent and attack from happening and saving lives. And God forbid is such an attack happens again the agencies can be in a better position next time.

But Mr. Mike Lazaridis doesn’t care about that, it doesn’t matter to him if his product is being used by terrorist to Kill people, he doesn’t care as long as more people are using his product be it ANYBODY.  Now with Apple and android becoming the  more dominant and preferred user’s choice they are depending on Asia and specifically India (the largest and fastest growing consumer market) to make money.

India doesn’t want just an apology from Mr. Mike Lazaridis, India needs to be safe. And the only way that can happen is not by depending on the govt but standing against this issue, United. Maybe it will take the Anna Hazare way or the Gandhi way but a strong stand must be taken against these foreign Multinationals who believe that the law and above human lives. If RIM still doesn’t care ban all exclusive blackberry services, and ban the Sale and entry of all blackberry goods. Yes many teenagers will have to rely on Gtalk for some time and yes some Rich Suited people will have to have find an alternative for their emails, but that is a small sacrifice for much bigger cause.