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Buying an iPhone just became pretty Affordable

Call it sign of things to come or simply clearance sale, but both Apple’s flagship devices, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone C are selling at 10 – 13 thousand cheaper than their selling price a month back. Check out the Price Chart below –
iPhone_5s iPhone_5c iPhone_4s

8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
iPhone 5S N/A 40,370 55,500 69,200
iPhone 5C 27,280 32,500 41,000 N/A

While some of you may know the iPhone 5C has gotten a 8GB model offering few months ago, what you might not know is that its not only the 16 GB iPhones that have got cheaper but the prices have come down evenly across all models.

In India its not usual for the sellers to drop the prices of the last gen iPhones in the anticipation of the new one, it usually happens after the next one arrives to the sellers, its only few years when Apple launched iPhone 4 worldwide, Indian carriers launched iPhone 3Gs at that time, and few months later when the iPhone 4 was launched in India the iPhone 3Gs price didn’t fall but iPhone 4 came at a higher price point. But due to the rallying performance of Apple sales in the past 2 years, and iPhone 5S going sold out in the first few weeks of its launch, the sellers are expecting a similar performance from the upcoming iPhone.

Top Deals Stores Price
iPhone 5C 8GB
SnapDeal 25,009
Flipkart 26,289
iPhone 5C 16GB 32,500
Infibeam 33,421
iPhone 5C 32GB 41,000
Flipkart 43,299
iPhone 5S 16GB
Flipkart 39,945 39,945
iPhone 5S 32GB
Infibeam 55,000
Snapdeal 58,904
iPhone 5S 64GB
Flipkart 69,300
Snapdeal 69,498

If you still want an iPhone but have a strict budget of under Rs 20,000, even though the 8GB iPhone 5C costs 25K and don’t mind the smaller 3.5 inch screen, then you can go for the iPhone 4S for Just 19K.

iPhone 4S 8GB Store Price
Snapdeal 18,999
Amazon 19,409

Pros for going for the iPhone 4S

  • Priced under Rs. 20,000
  • Will be getting the upcoming iOS 8
  • Very good performance vise for its segment, barely lags.
  • Has a good one year life span of Apple updates before Apple goes all 64bit CPUs
  • You can still get a decent 10,000 Rs resale value next year.

Cons for going for the iPhone 4S

  • The price difference from the bigger and faster iPhone 5C with same storage capacity is not much
  • The 3.5inch Screen size is very small for current market standards.