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China Fakes Apple Store, not just iPhones and iPods

Fake Apple Store

Just when you thought you have seen enough

Every time the term ‘Fake’ is used with an electronic the first thing that comes to mind is it’s Chinese, but they don’t just fake products like iPhones and iPods, there are Fake Apple Stores as well in China. These pictures from BirdAbroad (viaIFOAppleStore), show a fake Apple Store complete with everything that a real Apple Store offers. Right down to the blue shirts with Apple logos and name labels for the employees. Starting from the top, this ‘Apple Store’ features a shiny exterior with a big glowing, white Apple front and center. The Pictures were taken by American Tourist visiting China.

These Store are even equipped with real Apple’s ‘Patented’ product holder. In fact, these tables are nearly identical, if not identical, to the tables used in Apple’s official stores. These stores went as far as to completely rip off Apple’s official press images – as you can see with the iPad 2 and iPod shuffle banners. Also notice the extremely outdated pink iPod posters.

The most amazing part is what these employees think of their jobs:

Being the curious types that we are, we struck up some conversation with these salespeople who, hand to God, all genuinely think they work for Apple.

The “bosses” of this fake Apple Store, in Kunming, knowing that they are up to no good, informed their multiple plain clothed security guards to ban all picture taking. The best part is that there are three of these stores all within walking distance of each other.

So what proves that it’s fake

There are several subtle signs, not the least of which is that Apple does not operate a store in Kunming, that suggest this store is one amazingly realistic ripoff. One clue is the sign which has the Apple logo and says “Apple Store”. And the badges which have the word staff, but not the employee names on them.

The weird part is that these so called Apple Store Employees didn’t even care to look up on the Apple website to see if the store they work in really exists.

Fake Apple StoreFake Apple StoreFake Apple StoreFake Apple Store