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Chinese 17yr Sells Kidney for iPad 2 (Loyalty to Insanity)


A recent article posted on ShanghaiDaily tells us that a 17-year-old student from China recently sold one of his kidneys to allow him to buy an iPad 2, what’s more shocking is that the hospital who carried out the operation was not qualified to perform organ transplants.

Apparently the student (who remains unnamed) received 22,000 yuan for his right kidney, this equates to roughly Rs. 152,ooo Apparently the deal was set up after a broker contacted the 17-year-old online, now the boy regrets his decision as his health has apparently deteriorated since the operation.

This news came to light after the boy’s mother found out what had happened when he returned home, the mobile number for the broker is always turned off, she has reported the incident to the police and it is currently under investigation.

Kidney for iPad 2

We urge all the Die hard Apple fans, it’s good to be Loyal towards something but you have to draw a line between in right or wrong somewhere loyalty id good when its in the limits and we would like to tell all the parents out there if your child is that crazy about something, you might need to keep a close watch on him as he maybe in need of some extra Help.

Be safe and Don’t Try this!!!