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City of San Francisco cannot buy Apple Products

Apple Is going Green with Solar Energy

Apple’s may head quarters in Cupertino is just kilo meters away from San Francisco still the Cities municipal corporation is not going to, cannot buy any of the 39 products Apple is selling.

Apple recently removed all their products from the list of EPEAT Certified Products, as 2007 policy makes it mandatory requirement, that the San Francisco city agencies cannot purchase a product that is not 100% EPEAT certified.

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is the organization that sets environmental standards for electronic products and one of their Standards require products to be easy to dismantle by any user so that he can remove the battery and other toxic materials, to considered a Green Product. Contrary to the Fact Apple recently were called Green as they have started the large scale use of Solar Energy.

In my experience Apple Products can be anything but they are not easy to Dismantle specially their iOS devices, I mean you can still manage to open the Macs and it will still be alive but iOS devices (iPhone,iPod iPad) are assembled in a way that if you try to open it without proper knowledge of the special procedure and tools you will end up with something that ‘WAS’.

My Question is if Apple products were never easy to dismantle how did they even get the certification in the first place?

Melanie Nutter, director of San Francisco’s Department of Environment told the Wall Street Journal

“We are disappointed that Apple chose to withdraw from EPEAT,” said Melanie Nutter, director of San Francisco’s Department of Environment, “and we hope that the city saying it will not buy Apple products will make Apple reconsider its participation.”

“Only around 500-700, or 1%-2% total, of municipal computers are Macs, Walton estimated. In 2010, the last year for which the city has complete reports, the city spent $45,579 on Apple desktops, laptops and iPads. That’s compared to a total of $3.8 million spent overall on desktops and laptops, in 2010.”

Apple has a strong presence in the Education sector across country (US) and many if these institutes have an EPEAT requirement (at least the ones in San Fancisco do) and I don’t think they will easily let go of their Macs and iPads.

Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner said,

“Is there some significance? Yes. Major significance? No. Given the relatively small percentage of organizations that require 100% EPEAT compliance, it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference to Apple.”