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Could this kill the XBox and the PS3 – Onlive Game System

onliveWhile the OnLive Game System has been presented at several trade-shows until now, it seems that the whole platform has reached a sufficient level of maturity in order to be pushed onto the market, would-be customers being able to pre-order this thing as we speak, with the first pre-orders being set for December 2’nd.

However, those of you who haven’t come across this product up until now should know that what the OnLive Game System does is bring the latest game titles to your TV (via the Internet), based on a monthly or yearly subscription, so you won’t have to worry about actually purchasing a PC or a gaming console, not to mention real, physical discs.

The system includes the MicroConsole TV adapter (the “MC”), an OnLive Wireless Controller and all the cables you’ll need for a current HDTV, including HDMI or component video, as well as digital audio.

The MC supports up to 4 controllers at once, and although the current OnLive Wireless Controller resembles more the type of controller typically encountered in the case of the PS3 and Xbox 360, the manufacturer ensures us that the system delivers full compatibility with PC and Mac games, as it supports the addition of a keyboard and mouse.

So can it be the Next Killer Console?

What it does is that it is actually streaming the  game direct to you, so you can play High end PC and games without ever needing to upgrade them. With New game titles coming up it hard to keep up with those high requirements but here you dont have to worry as they stream it out from their server so its kinda one time investment only. Plus, setting up the system is extremely easy, since you’ll only have to plug in power, TV and Internet, sync your Wireless Controller and log in.