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Dell has launched Inspiron R Laptops in India

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Dell has Launched a new series of Inspiron R series Laptops in India running the Latest Intel 3rd Generation Laptops in India with in the Price Range of Rs 39,990 – Rs 63,682.

“Value for money is different from offering low cost products. Indian consumers do not necessarily go for cheap products.With a strong consumer centric strategy at Dell we create products with customers in mind and great experiences since what’s important is not the technology itself, but what it enables them to do.” Mahesh Bhalla, executive director and general manager, consumer, Dell India, told reporters.

Inspiron 14R and 15R are priced at Rs 39,990. Inspiron 14R special edition is valued at Rs 51,146 while Inspiron 15R special edition is priced Rs 49,990 and Inspiron 17R special edition is priced at Rs 63,682. All these prices are exclusive of taxes.

Dell claimed the the Falling value of rupee has forced them to Increase the Value laptops in India.

Dell has also promised they will soon be launching new Light Weight Ultrabooks under the Inspiron Z name running the Intel 3rd Gen Processors.