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Dell Streak 7 Will be Getting the Honeycomb Upgrade


Texas-based computer maker Dell is about to start rolling out an official Android Honeycomb update for the 7inch Dell Streak 7 tablet 0. Dell Streak 7 is Currently Running Android 2.2 Froyo and that the new update will not only bring a tablet optimized version of Android to the Streak 7 (which has been running Android 2.2 Froyo), but it’s also going to ‘greatly’ improve the battery life on the Streak 7 after the removal of auto-ping. Apparently the current version of Android 2.2 from Dell includes an auto-ping to server feature that is very stressful on the battery and it can’t be disabled by users.

For a little while now the rooting community has had versions of Honeycomb that can work on a rooted Dell Streak 7, but all of those custom versions haven’t been 100% functional. The official Dell update should be 100% functional.

Android 3.2 is the first edition of Honeycomb designed to work on the 800-by-480 pixels 7-inch screen the Dell Streak 7 offers.