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Did Samsung really get 9Mil Pre-Order or are they over selling it? Let’s Investigate!

Did Samsung Really Sell 9Million Galaxy S 3 Device or just Inflated Numbers?

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a powerful device and successor to the Galaxy S 2 one of the most sold Android from Last Year and specifications of S 3 probably ensures the same success to the device. Specs Include a 4.8inch Screen, a 8MP camera that can shoot 1080P full HD videos, 1GB RAM and a 1.4GHz Quad Core Processor. Yup, one hell of a Android Phone!

So here is the Story till now

A news leaked in some Korean Newspaper (Korea Economic Daily) that Samsung has already go 9Million pre-orders to their upcoming Android 4.0 Quad core power device and then Reuters picked up and then the news just went hay wire all over the internet and News channels.

Investigation 9 Million

Let’s go back to the original Reuters report, I already did and found this –

Samsung Electronics Co has received some 9 million pre-orders for its third-generation Galaxy S smartphone from more than 100 global carriers, the Korea Economic Daily reported on Friday.

So what does it mean? These are orders by carriers (network providers) and not customers so when Samsung Galaxy S 3 is released there won’t 9 Million people running around each with Galaxy S 3 or there won’t be 9 million Galaxy S 3 phones SOLD on it’s release date.

Little rewind a little more to, ” The news leaked in some Korean Newspaper”, now I am not Samsung did it on purpose but it is something to think about, how does such information leak form a expensive Accounting software to a newspaper. I am not saying Samsung did it purpose just curious how did it happen.

You know who else flaunts High Pre-Order numbers ? It’s Apple! But when they do they tell the number ordered by the end users and not some middle party/ seller.

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So what happens if some percentage of the 9Million device remain unsold? They go back to Samsung but they are still called 9Million Pre-Ordered.

Here is a brief History About Apple and Samsung

Apple is Kind of the leading smartphone maker in the world and Samsung is considered to be it’s nemesis trying to take on Apple in it’s game. So what Apple did? What they they do best (apart from making Awesome Phones) they sued Samsung for infringing patents (the claimed that the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones look and work very similar to iOS devices iPad and iPhone ) this got some Samsung devices banned in countries like Germany,Australia, etc.

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When the Judge asked Samsung lawyers couldn’t tell Galaxy Tab from iPad