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Entire Wedding Shot Using only iPhone 4 Cameras

s-IPHONE-4-WEDDING-largeAn iPhone 4 was part of what made the November wedding of videographer Rainer Flor something special.

Flor and wedding photographer Brian Adams teamed up to shoot the entire wedding–both photo and video–using only Apple’s iPhone 4 smartphone.

The creators explained the process on their site, iPhoneShooters: “Adams used two iPhone 4s to shoot pictures. Flor’s associate videographer also used an iPhone 4. Housings were used for the phones that allowed them to change lenses, as well as provided handles and mounts for a light, microphone and tripod. An assistant helped with lighting.”

Although an unconventional choice, the iPhone 4 had some advantages.

“The phones are so small, it made it easy for us to be unobtrusive,” Adams said in a press release. “People were very comfortable around the small cameras. We were not an intrusion into their wedding.”

Flor noted that he saw little difference in the quality of photos produced by an SLR and iPhone 4.

See the photos and video from the wedding in the YouTube clip below.