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Export an OBJ Sequence from Maya

Transferring animation from Maya to Houdini, After Effects or any other software can be a pain since FBX never properly works, but there is a ways as there softwares can read OBJ sequences but Maya by default support exporting the the Mesh as obj for every single frame. Another advantage of using OBJ over Alembic in Houdini is that groups stay intact while in .abc (alembic fill format) you need to extract each and every group which can be pretty painful.

We have developed a Script for Exporting Obj Sequences from Maya (V1 still works for windows only, will be fixing and uploading a version for Mac OSX soon).

How to Export an OBJ Sequence from Maya

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  1. Download the MEL script for the Plugin (Here)
  2. Open Script Editor in Maya, now you can either open the Mel file in a Text Editor (eg. Notepad for windows) and Copy paste the text into the editor and run it from there or you can go into File -> Load Script and select the path of the file from there.
    • How to run a Script in the Script Editor?
      ‘Select All’ the txt and press control enter or just click the Play Button.
    • How to put it into the Shelf For Easy Access?
      Go into File -> Save Script to Shelf or just select the whole script and drag it to shelf using middle mouse button.
  3. Always remember to Activate the OBJ Export Plugin from the Plug-in Manger in maya else this plugin will give you error
  4. When you run the Script you will get a Dialogue Box
    • File Name – Name every file is going to be Prefixed with.
    • Project Path – Path of the Directory you want your file(s) to be saved in
    • Either Set a specific Frame Range or Just Export the Current Frame or just let it Use Time Line.
    • Include Textures  – Will create a ‘mtl’ for exporting your shader (Note: Creates the mtl for for every single frame)
    • Include Chan File – Lets you export the Values from the channel Box
    • Click on the OBJ Export button to Start the Export
  5. You are done

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